Google Code-in 2016 Last Day

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These are the days we don’t regret. These are the days we don’t forget — The days by Avicii
You know when sometimes you get too excited about something that nothing comes to your mind. I’m kinda in that zone right now, too much to express but words are the limit.

Do you know what I think of Google Code-in? It is the most awesome competition for students at the school level. Its not like other lame competitions where students compete with each other, instead its where they help each other, learn from each others, and for the most part contribute on the same projects.

So I chose FOSSASIA, the most active organization in Google Code-in with most students and most tasks completed. A lot of mentors were and still are always ready to help us voluntarily, besides there day jobs. Some were even active for 10-12 hours a day. They are so passionate about helping new contributors get in. I’d like to mention names of a few who helped me a lot during the course of GCI…

Google Code-in 2016 Day 8

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Task 9 “Website: Identify and Fix Issues our PSLab site on Github Pages”. But the problem was PSLab Site was way too simple and was using Clean Blog template so it was hard to find issues in it. So, I went ahead to check Site and what I found was that the site was broken or its not rendering properly. So, I reported the Issue#10 and someone fixed it by using CDN links insteas. Open Source :P. But, then I found out that developers.html, the second file was not fixed. So, I went ahead and fixed it and then I reported the Issue#14 and immediately created PR#15. Also in the meanwhile I found out that site was not having a Favicon(image placed on Tab, which generally is Logo or part of Logo). So, I created one more Issue#13 and this time I mentioned that I’m working on it. Then I created a Logo for PSLab, also I though about using FOSSASIA “F” logo as used in other sites of FOSSASIA to use as Favicon. Also, I googled and found out Font Awesome’s Flask Icon. I …

Google Code-in 2016 Day 7

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Where’s Day 4, 5, 6? Well, I was working on FOSSASIA GCI 16 Site New look so didn’t got time to write’em.
Task 8 I was and still am enjoying working on GCI Site, and so I picked this task named “Website: Add a feature or fix an issue for the GCI website from the github issue tracker”. I found this Issue#400 and I planned to work on it. When I went through index.html and main.css, it was inconsistent at places and few sections were differently configured than rest. So, I mainly focused on Blog Section and fixed both the files. What I didn’t realised is that someone was working on blog section as well and has already committed his code. At the time of merging it created a merge conflict. Maintainers merge it by resolving the conflicts and it created a mess. So, I asked them that my version is fine and so we can use that to fix things and so I created PR#445 .

I was kinda off due to this ( I don’t know why) and so I decided to give the whole site a new look.…

Google Code-in 2016 Day 3

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Task 6 So, after Task 5 I was like Why not try a task which is completely new to me and hence, Task 6 “ loklak search: Deploy the website of loklak search on your own GitHub account”. A completely new and exciting thing to me. But very less information was there in both task and loklak search So, that means I have to do all the research. But I call it a day. I woke up and all I was thinking was about loklak search. I asked in Slack and after some googling I got to a result, I was about deploying angularjs apps on Github which involve use of Bower components. I did everything and I got an empty site. Guess what?? It was wrong so I asked again in Slack and this time a loklak search project contributor was present he pointed me out to Angular-cli README. I read it and did all the things and I was still getting an empty site. I asked again and he helped me overcome a small issue and BOOM!!, I deployed my version of search engine. Unbelievable, isn’…

Google Code-in 2016 Day 2

… I’ll continue from where I left in last post. Late night my Parental Consent was approved and that marked the ending of Task#1.
Task 2 The first task was deploy FOSSASIA’s webapp, but wait, I’m not even part of the community right? So, I claimed task “Join the FOSSASIA channels and become a community member”. Yeah, that’s right it was a task and not a beginner one. So, in order to finish this one I generated an auto-invite and added myself in FOSSASIA Slack Team, subscribed myself to FOSSASIA Newsletter and Mailing List. Then I filled a form powered by Google Forms to get into Github GCI Team of FOSSASIA. Then I forked interesting repositories that I’d like to contribute to and starred others that I find interesting. I shared about this on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and Done! Submitted for review. When I woke up it was approved.
Task 3 Till this time I’m actively participating in Slack channel and met lots of new people including Mentors and Fellow students. I looked for new tas…

Google Code-in 2016 Day 1

Google Code-in Google Code-in is a contest sponsored by Google to encourage pre-university students to know about open-source Projects and helps them contribute actively in such Projects.

This year, the contest started on 28 November 2016, and will go on till 16 January 2017. Preparation of this world-wide contest started much sooner. Around 10 October it was announced, and from 24 October, preparation started.
Task 1 Well, my bad I forgot to register and it was only today, that I registered. This is my first time in GCI. But, I have checked previous year archives. Today, when the registration process ended, I rushed towards task list and there FOSSASIA and KDE were the only two organisations that I recognise. So, I claimed the task from FOSSASIA, it was about deploying Event Webapp on Heroku. I’ve already used Heroku once and so I’ve already registered on Heroku. So, went ahead and forked the FOSSASIA Event Webapp repository on Github and I cloned it on my laptop. The deployment was…

Installing Owncloud 9 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Clouds Most of the modern users now-a-days store there data on cloud storage. Cloud storages generally give some free space to everyone and they charge for more storages. Common cloud storage providers include Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox. Generally you get around 10-15GB storage for free.
Owncloud Owncloud is kinda replacement for cloud storages which you can host on your own servers. Its free and open-source. Also as you’re hosting on your own servers so you don’t have to worry about safety. And you can store as much data as your server supports. So, no limitation.

Basically, it is a software which will run on your server and provides a cloud experience. It can be installed on both Windows servers and Linux based servers.
How to install Owncloud on Ubuntu Install apache and mysql packagges.
$ sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql-server
Owncloud is not available in Ubuntu repositories but Owncloud maintain a repository for Ubuntu. We have to add the repository.
$ curl https://downl…