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Google Code-in 2016 Last Day

… Continuing from last post.

These are the days we don’t regret. These are the days we don’t forget — The days by Avicii
You know when sometimes you get too excited about something that nothing comes to your mind. I’m kinda in that zone right now, too much to express but words are the limit.

Do you know what I think of Google Code-in? It is the most awesome competition for students at the school level. Its not like other lame competitions where students compete with each other, instead its where they help each other, learn from each others, and for the most part contribute on the same projects.

So I chose FOSSASIA, the most active organization in Google Code-in with most students and most tasks completed. A lot of mentors were and still are always ready to help us voluntarily, besides there day jobs. Some were even active for 10-12 hours a day. They are so passionate about helping new contributors get in. I’d like to mention names of a few who helped me a lot during the course of GCI…