Google Code-in 2016 Day 8

… Continuing from last post.

Task 9

“Website: Identify and Fix Issues our PSLab site on Github Pages”. But the problem was PSLab Site was way too simple and was using Clean Blog template so it was hard to find issues in it. So, I went ahead to check Site and what I found was that the site was broken or its not rendering properly. So, I reported the Issue#10 and someone fixed it by using CDN links insteas. Open Source :P. But, then I found out that developers.html, the second file was not fixed. So, I went ahead and fixed it and then I reported the Issue#14 and immediately created PR#15. Also in the meanwhile I found out that site was not having a Favicon(image placed on Tab, which generally is Logo or part of Logo). So, I created one more Issue#13 and this time I mentioned that I’m working on it. Then I created a Logo for PSLab, also I though about using FOSSASIA “F” logo as used in other sites of FOSSASIA to use as Favicon. Also, I googled and found out Font Awesome’s Flask Icon. I commented on the issue, suggested three options and asked others to choose one. It took a while but most people prefer Flask Icon, so I went ahead and added Flask icon and updated existing PR#15. But, after a while no one commented or merged it and so I asked in Slack and so @hemantjadon merged it and this marks the ending of this task.

Task 10

Task was “FOSSASIA: Do a mini-project, solve an issue, add a feature, fix a bug, improve design, add tests” and I recently gave a new look to FOSSASIA GCI 16 Site. So, I asked @princu7 that can I use New look PR in this task and he gave an affirmative reply, so I used this and that’s how I finished 10 tasks.

To be continued…