Google Code-in 2016 Day 7

… Continuing from last post.

Where’s Day 4, 5, 6?

Well, I was working on FOSSASIA GCI 16 Site New look so didn’t got time to write’em.

Task 8

I was and still am enjoying working on GCI Site, and so I picked this task named “Website: Add a feature or fix an issue for the GCI website from the github issue tracker”. I found this Issue#400 and I planned to work on it. When I went through index.html and main.css, it was inconsistent at places and few sections were differently configured than rest. So, I mainly focused on Blog Section and fixed both the files. What I didn’t realised is that someone was working on blog section as well and has already committed his code. At the time of merging it created a merge conflict. Maintainers merge it by resolving the conflicts and it created a mess. So, I asked them that my version is fine and so we can use that to fix things and so I created PR#445 .

I was kinda off due to this ( I don’t know why) and so I decided to give the whole site a new look. So, I started working on it same day. And late night I created a Pull request and requested to not merge it and comment about it. Others liked my idea. So, I didn’t cared about tasks and spent whole day fixing it, in the mean time I committed changes from time to time. This was going well. But, images in Blog section were not good and someone optimised them to be in 1:1 ratio. So, I went ahead to blogs, took screenshots and optimised them for 16:9 ratio. I them fixed Logos too. After all these I committed again and I mentioned that Its ready for merge. But Travis Builds were failing, so I asked for help and @Princu7 explained how Travis works and how it helps us. So, I went ahead and fixed errors and finally builds Passed! Everything was green and the big PR was finally merged today.

During this I learned about a lot of Awesome things including Bootstrap Framework, Travis-CI, Coala, et cetera. It was a nice learning experience and that’s why I’m participating in Google Code-in.

To be continued…