Google Code-in 2016 Day 3

… Continuing from last post.

Task 6

So, after Task 5 I was like Why not try a task which is completely new to me and hence, Task 6 “ loklak search: Deploy the website of loklak search on your own GitHub account”. A completely new and exciting thing to me. But very less information was there in both task and loklak search So, that means I have to do all the research. But I call it a day. I woke up and all I was thinking was about loklak search. I asked in Slack and after some googling I got to a result, I was about deploying angularjs apps on Github which involve use of Bower components. I did everything and I got an empty site. Guess what?? It was wrong so I asked again in Slack and this time a loklak search project contributor was present he pointed me out to Angular-cli README. I read it and did all the things and I was still getting an empty site. I asked again and he helped me overcome a small issue and BOOM!!, I deployed my version of search engine. Unbelievable, isn’t it? And That’s how one more exciting task finished.

Task 7

Due to less documentation in last task, I reported an Issue#119 in upstream repository and guess what they created [Task] out of it. Yes, I know FOSSASIA is awesome. So, I decided to claim that task and I added Requirement and How to deploy? section and updated already existing Installation section and created a PR#112 and it was merged in no time.

While awaiting approval I Fixed 2 of the issues in FOSSASIA GCI 16 Site.
  • Photo not showing due to misspell in students.yml file. Here’s a link to PR#384.
  • Map section was making it hard to scroll. I added margins around it and created PR#394.
To be continued…