Google Code-in 2016 Day 2

… I’ll continue from where I left in last post. Late night my Parental Consent was approved and that marked the ending of Task#1.

Task 2

The first task was deploy FOSSASIA’s webapp, but wait, I’m not even part of the community right? So, I claimed task “Join the FOSSASIA channels and become a community member”. Yeah, that’s right it was a task and not a beginner one. So, in order to finish this one I generated an auto-invite and added myself in FOSSASIA Slack Team, subscribed myself to FOSSASIA Newsletter and Mailing List. Then I filled a form powered by Google Forms to get into Github GCI Team of FOSSASIA. Then I forked interesting repositories that I’d like to contribute to and starred others that I find interesting. I shared about this on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and Done! Submitted for review. When I woke up it was approved.

Task 3

Till this time I’m actively participating in Slack channel and met lots of new people including Mentors and Fellow students. I looked for new task and found one named “Website: Add your photo to the GCI FOSSASIA Site Student Section and Tweet about it”. So, for that I cloned forked repository. But guess what? It was behind the upstream by few commits. I asked in Slack for how to sync the repo with upstream. Got answer and did that, then I made few changes in students.yml and added Picture as it was jekyll based. Then arises a problem “How to test it?”, I think of 2 ways, testing it locally or using gh-pages but then I’ll have to edit CNAME and then edit it again for pull request, so I went with testing it locally. So, I installed necesarry packages and jekyll gem. It worked fine so I pushed the code and created a PR#315 . And after resolving an error it was merged. Mission accomplished!

Task 4

Princu7 helped me overcome problems in last task so next task I chose and claimed was “Website: Add a FOSSASIA mentor photo and credentials in the mentor section of the FOSSASIA GCI Website”. I did it easily but problems came at the time of creating the pull request. As the code was changed very frequently in upstream and I didn’t knew how to handle it properly so I fetched the code and commited and this caused 4 commits in pull request. Maintainer asked me to squash them into one but I didn’t have any idea of what was it? Thankfully mentors and fellow students helped me, I messed up a few times but then finally I did it and it was merged.

Task 5

“Website: Claim an issue for the GCI website on Github and make a substantial contribution”. So, I went to website few times and found out that a link in footer is broken. That’s a small issue but still I reported it. Soon Jigyasa Grover commented and asked me to fix it. I agreed asking that can I do it for task. Answer was Sure you can. So, I fixed it and First synced forked repo with upstream repo and then I pushed the changes and created a pull request. Almost immediately it was merged and hence Task 5 finished!. I posted the required links and submitted for review and about 45 mins later it was approved.

To be continued…