My New Thinkpad

Its been a while since my last post. I am quite busy with studies these days.

ThinkPads are very famous laptops among developers. These are very stable and very reliable laptops with a very good ergonomic keyboard. Trackpoint is also a piece of attraction which integrates well with the fine trackpad of the laptop. Each laptop comes with Thinkpad logos engraved.

Now, lets talk about the model I bought. Its ThinkPad E450, an entry level but still stiff and reliable laptop. This models come with different configurations. Mine comes packed with an Intel i5 processor and 4 gigs of DDRIII ram. Integrated Intel graphics with 2 gigs AMD radeon R5 M250 graphics. 1 TB of HDD completes the laptop.

All ThinkPad’s share common design with Black Matte finish combined with little Red colour on Trackpoint and a fine line on Trackpad Keys. Design is super-sleek and minimal with sturdy hinges.

Lets talk about ports now. On left side 1 USB 2.0 port with 3.0mm headphone jack. Also a grill to keep the laptop cool. On back there are no ports. On right side it got 1 Gigabyte Ethernet port, with 2 USB 3.0 ports. Power port with OneLink port for docking are also on its right side. One front left a sd-card reader is present. It has no CD/DVD writer.

It’s having a LCD 720p display with matte finish to aviod glare. Colours are bight and vibrant. As I like using dark wallpapers and dark themes so it goes well with them.

It came pre-installed with Windows 8.1 Single Language. Also a lot of Lenovo softwares came pre-installed including Dolby Audio, Lenovo Updates, Shareit, McAfee, et cetera. As soon as I got the laptop I started updating drivers and windows. Its still updating as updates are around 7-8 gigs (including 4 gigs of windows 10).

Over all the Laptop is pretty cool with pretty nice configurations. Although I’m planning to upgrade the ram to 16 gigs soon.