GNOME Asia Summit 2016 Part 2

Writing this a little late, as I stayed few more days in Delhi. It was very interesting and exciting. This was first event of its kind for me and it was great learning experience.
If you’re the most intelligent person in the room then you’re in the wrong room.
That’s why I choose a room filled with Linux Enthusiasts, developers, and professionals to place myself in. This whole event was divided in 3 days.

Day 0

I arrived a little late but the event was still not started. So, I got an ID card with schedule for the day and volunteers directed me to the hall. I was kinda uncomfortable at first as didn’t know anybody. Ekaterina started the event’s first workshop. It was about How to make first contribution. Then we had a little break, that’s when I started talking to few guys. I was getting more comfortable, people were very kind and welcoming. This was followed by workshop by David King on Writing a Gnome application for newcomers. At last the Arun and Nirbheek took over with the workshop on Gstreamer.

Day 1

The event started in a big Auditorium this time with Cosimo talking about Next billion Users. Then we moved to a different building nearby for further talks. Pravin Satpute took over the stage talking about State of Indian Language in Gnome 3.20 followed by Ankit Prateek talking about Privacy and Security in the age of Surveillance. Then I attended Tobias Mueller’s talk about Functionality, Security, Usability : Choose any two or Gnome. Then during lunch I talked with few more people.This was followed by few more lightning talks and yet another day ended.

Day 2

Starting with Ekaterina’s speech, followed by a short animated film made completely using free software by Arteom and Jehan. This was followed by few talks. Later during lunch, while talk to my new friends I came to know about GSoC and I discuss about it with others too. More lightning talks were held. Finally we posed for group photos and various other funny photos. Finally I went home with a great memory of these 3 days.